Exclusive Track: Winchester

Winchester’s a little something new that I cooked up with good friend Jason Underwood in his ultra modern, high tech recording studio. Located in Spare Bedroom #1 in his white walled Eagan apartment ... listen ... Read more

He-Man Morality

Winter, 1986 – We walked up Devil’s Hill with our sleds in tow. The hill rose steep behind Altoona High School, and the snow had been cleared off the steps that marked its ascent - old railroad ties driven horizontally into the ground to mark the way up. There was a thin path cut through the forest on the front side of the hill, but when you cleared the top, the whole thing was wide and sweeping and clear of any trees. That side of the hill looked out to the south and east, and the land dipped away from it and you felt like you could see all of Wisconsin from there. It was perfect for sledding. Read more

Music: Pistols. Dawn. It’s On.

Pistols. Dawn. It’s On. This is probably my favorite song we wrote in Kentucky Gag Order. I love the sort of smoky, heavy-lidded feel of it; with Greg Schaal’s drums crashing almost haphazardly through the introduction ... listen ... Read more

Performance Piece:
Teeth, Skin

They stepped out into the Chippewa and sank. It was predawn. It was cool and the water was warm. It was five of them and the river came up on their hips and a fog lifted and drifted silently between them. They waded out into the darkness.

They came back to Eau Claire, their home, and after a night drinking they were filled with the courage of the bottle and the promise of secluded beaches. They wanted love making under a rising sun, mist burning off the face of the river while they turned on each other in the sand. Anna and Mark, Bruce and Steph, Rick. Janie.
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Last Week

Last week, there was a car accident on the street that runs in front of my office. A van, at high speed, crossed over the... Read more