Music: The Basquiat of Iowa

The Basquiat of Iowa. This was the first song that the Belles Of Skin City ever wrote, and for singer Dave Matters and I, coming off of Kentucky Gag Order, it was pretty clear that this was to set the tone for a new musical direction. We went full on rhythm, with drummer John Broms blasting out angry drums, and jack-of-all-trades Ben Wells on a percussion set that included two 50 gallon drums, two empty propane tanks, an old marching drum, and a cracked crash cymbal. Benny Solberg contributed a razor sharp guitar line, while I played bass and Dave played the baritone guitar. It’s a really mean sounding song that has nothing to do with Basquiat or Iowa, but I love the name (courtesy of an offhand comment Ben Wells made about a small town artist with a big ego). The Basquiat of Iowa appears on the full length album You Do The Company Proud, recorded by Jamie Hansen, released on Totally Gross National Product (2006).

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Belles of Skin City
Album: You Do The Company Proud