Music: Pistols. Dawn. It’s On.

Pistols. Dawn. It’s On. This is probably my favorite song we wrote in Kentucky Gag Order. I love the sort of smoky, heavy-lidded feel of it; with Greg Schaal’s drums crashing almost haphazardly through the introduction, then my bass coming in low and smooth to wrestle them in. Guitarist Mike Franklin’s lines are all about Duane Dennison in this song, and man, I can’t get enough of them. And, of course, Dave Matters’ vocals make the whole thing come together: great lyrics with a Tom Waits-by-way-of-Prairie-du-Chien delivery. I mean, from boiler room to blushing groom / you needed me, yes you needed me / from afterglow to atrophy / you needed me, yes you needed me? You can’t beat it. It’s a song about a high noon showdown in the battle of the sexes. For current Minneapolis scene followers, note the appearance of Maggie Morrison (Lookbook, Digitata) on keyboards and backup vocals. Shannon Frid (Cloud Cult) also sings backup. Pistols. Dawn. It’s On. was on our only full length album, Old Fashioned Sass For The Peacock And The Voyeur, which was recorded by Jamie Hansen and released on Angry Seed Records.

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Kentucky Gag Order
Album: Old Fashioned Sass For The Peacock And The Voyeur

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  1. Went to several of your shows and they were all fantastic! They had a surrealistic unholy church service feel about them as I recall. Still own the album too.

  2. Thanks, Phil! It was always a blast playing with the Gag Order, and I think my favorite shows were at the Entry, which definitely lent itself well to that “unholy church service feel”.

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