500 Word Story: Baby Boom

I originally wrote this for a Short Short story competition in the summer of 2009, hosted by Vita.mn. While I didn’t place in the competition, I was pretty happy with the story. It’s not easy to write a complete story in 500 words or less! I mostly pulled it off, I think. I probably won’t submit it anywhere else, due to the length and style; so here it is, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Read more

Performance Piece:
Teeth, Skin

They stepped out into the Chippewa and sank. It was predawn. It was cool and the water was warm. It was five of them and the river came up on their hips and a fog lifted and drifted silently between them. They waded out into the darkness.

They came back to Eau Claire, their home, and after a night drinking they were filled with the courage of the bottle and the promise of secluded beaches. They wanted love making under a rising sun, mist burning off the face of the river while they turned on each other in the sand. Anna and Mark, Bruce and Steph, Rick. Janie.
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