Back in Effect!

After a brief hiatus, during which life happened, I’m back and in full effect. And hey! I have a super incredible hardcopy version of The... Read more

On Rejection – 7/8/10

To the discouraged heart of the writer, regarding publication: Sometimes shit just sucks. Allow me to vent all the things your brain wants to say,... Read more


Welcome to the site! I’m just settling in here in my brand new home on the internet.  Feel free to take a look around. I’m... Read more

He-Man Morality

Winter, 1986 – We walked up Devil’s Hill with our sleds in tow. The hill rose steep behind Altoona High School, and the snow had been cleared off the steps that marked its ascent - old railroad ties driven horizontally into the ground to mark the way up. There was a thin path cut through the forest on the front side of the hill, but when you cleared the top, the whole thing was wide and sweeping and clear of any trees. That side of the hill looked out to the south and east, and the land dipped away from it and you felt like you could see all of Wisconsin from there. It was perfect for sledding. Read more

Last Week

Last week, there was a car accident on the street that runs in front of my office. A van, at high speed, crossed over the... Read more